Going Braless: It’s Not as Bad as It First Seems


I think I can speak for most women when I say bra shopping is such a chore. The different sizes in each store, the measuring process and the fit cause so much aggravation. That is why, last summer I chose to ditch my bra. Admittedly I call myself a feminist, but since ditching my bra I found a whole new love for my breasts.


The First Steps

I decided to ditch my bra in the fall. That way I knew my nipples would be covered by a thick jumper, so I didn’t have to worry about that.

A jumper like this will do… (insert a really nice cotton jumper)

It was quite strange at first because I was not used to having such freedom! That was something I soon got used to. As a fairly small breasted woman, I didn’t have to worry about damaging my breasts due to the weight. I recommend anyone with very large breasts, particularly if they are very active to consider some support.

I recommend this jumper for you :

HARHAY Women’s Cotton Knitted Long Sleeve Lightweight Tunic Sweatshirt Tops

  • Material:35 percent  cotton 65% polyester+Knitted
  • Round neck,long sleeve, delicate material,long length,can be worn with tights, high heels,boots and so forth.
  • Machine or hand wash, don’t blanch
  • An easygoing look of this best, it demonstrates to you an unwinding feel each days.
  • Include interwoven mix sleeve, light weight material, comfortable feel to wear.
  • Combine with thin jeans, scarf and other accesoory hold the brilliant look!

It’s intended for a lovely and rich look, it additionally stay charming.

! It is delicate thus comfortable you could rest in it. It runs smallish so I took after the guidance of alternate analysts and requested a vast despite the fact that I’m generally a little or medium in tops. I most likely could have gotten a medium for a more fitted look. For reference, I’m 5’7″ (entirely more like 5’8″) and 138lbs. I’m pear formed so my weight is in my hips/thighs and my midsection is on the littler side (27″). I’ve joined pics so you can perceive how the fit is on my body write. The shirt is adaptable and can be worn various routes from slumped up like a sweater, to the distance down like a sweater/dress. I incline toward it some place right in the center. The hues are marginally less lively than the photograph (might suspect more fall quieted hues) and my hues are in an unexpected spot in comparison to the model photograph, however in the event that you see, the model photograph hues on every sleeve don’t arrange. My hues do fix up for the most part with some slight varieties in width. There is one shading specifically that looks darker in the photograph (on amazon The link is below !!), however it’s really an extremely dull eggplant purple shading which I’m amped up for on the grounds that I recently got that shading tights. These work with pants or stocking or as top if you like to stay home and watch netflix  and since they have dark, dim, and different hues, will be exceptionally flexible for what you need to wear it with. I’ve washed it once so far in the washer and dryer and it held its shape up until this point and didn’t appear to recoil the extent that I can

check the price on amazon here :



Spring Was Approaching Fast

So, I got through winter and fall pretty well once I had got used to the feeling of being braless. Now was the big question… What on earth do I do about my nipples? Now as a feminist my first instinct was “nah, my nipples should not be a problem. I am not intending them to be a sexual object. Therefore,people should not judge me.”

That approach went quite well for a while. Until I was in a more formal situation or with family. Then I became a little uncomfortable. Not to fear though, I found a super cheap, fabulous product on Amazon. They were these super cute silicone nipple covers which can be used multiple times. They lasted almost 2 months before I needed to replace them.

I know either totally free my nipples or cover them depending on my comfort and for the clothes I am wearing. I recommend you do the same. Only ever do what you are comfortable with.

if you would like to use a bra just in case you’re not  yet comfortable to go braless don’t worry i got you !!

Maidenform Women’s Comfort Devotion Embellished Bra

The name of this bra tells no untruths. I have worn it out on the town before i decided to be braless, on a climb, amid a 10-hour workday, and through a crosscountry flight with a stopover where I rested on the corridor floor of a rinkydink air terminal since that was the place the outlet was. Not even once have I required or needed to take it off. I got two at a retail establishment for $40 every, which is as of now a decent cost for a decent bra, and when I saw it on Amazon at a large portion of that, I began supplanting my different bras with a greater amount of it. It’s delicate, steady, non-tightening, not terrible, and educates decent lies regarding my shape. Cover me in it, fundamentally. I understand I sound somewhat insane, however as a DD, sooner or later I recently acknowledged that wearing a bra would dependably suck, and now my chests are supported by heavenly attendants, in five distinct hues. So I have a ton of sentiments.

Check the price on amazon here :


I know either totally free my nipples or cover them depending on my comfort and for the clothes I am wearing. I recommend you do the same. Only ever do what you are comfortable with.

if you would like to use a bra just in case you’re not  yet comfortable to go braless don’t worry i got you !!”

Nipple Covers, 4 Pairs Reusable Adhesive Silicone Nipple Covers .

I cherish these seemingly insignificant details, so ideal for when you dont need to wear a bra yet need to cover that little region 🙂 I have a grandson living with us, so at pajama time I simply put these on and I can easily wear pj’s before him! There are a few shirts and sweaters that I can wear these with even out in the open, and it is so pleasant to not pull at bra lashes throughout the day and one more advantage for me is these take out sweating with a bra on those sweltering summer days!

check the price on amazon :




The Benefits of Going Braless

I actually found pretty quickly that my breasts became so much fuller. It was crazy to see. I was so happy with the results.

Other cool benefits:

  • Bras don’t actually improve your breasts in the long term.
  • Going braless improves the strength of your breasts. In some studies it was found that more muscle actually grew in the breasts when women stopped wearing bras


  • Improved circulation. Blood can flow so much easier around the chest which does wonders for your circulation.
  • Perkiness (Now who doesn’t love that!)
  • And also… ditching the bra is a great way to save money.

I would like to note, that I do choose to wear a bra during exercise. This is because high impact activities may actually damage breasts in the long term. I usually wear a sports bra such as (insert a good quality sports bra).


I hope I have encouraged you to ditch the bra! To all women of the world: We’ve got this.


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