Accessory mistakes that are making you look older and ugly

Accessories can make every outfit special. Take a short black dress, and add a pointed necklace and silver colored heels, and voilà – it has changed from very ordinary to cool and urban-chic. Exchange the necklace for a pearl necklace and the heels for tasteful ballerinas, and you can go to an important business lunch. Once you know the basic rules of wearing accessories, you can get the best out of your wardrobe.

-Know what you should and should not do.


1. Wear only a few well-chosen accessories at the same time.

Many people make the mistake of wearing all the accessories they have at once. When it comes to accessories, less is usually better. If you wear jewelry, a scarf, a hat and sunglasses, none of those pieces will stand out anymore, and your outfit will be too busy. Choose a few accessories that accentuate your outfit, or emphasize the characteristic that you want to be dropped.

  • If you wear too many jewelry at the same time, such as earrings, a necklace, bracelets and rings, it becomes too overwhelming. You can either wear earrings or a necklace and do not put on too many rings at the same time.
  • If you wear many different accessories at the same time, make sure they do not compete with each other for attention. Match the material and the colors together, so that it looks like you have deliberately chosen this. For example, if you wear large gold rings in your ears, add a shawl in warm tones, and a gold watch, so that it becomes a whole.

2. Combine eye-catching accessories with simple clothing.

Neutral clothing can look completely different if you wear some striking accessories. If your wardrobe is full of neutral colors such as black, white, beige, olive green or dark blue, you can add some color with your accessories and give your outfit a boost. The beauty of neutral colors is that they fit well with everything, so you do not have to worry about whether your accessories fit with your clothes. Here are some ways to combine eye-catching accessories with a neutral outfit:

  • Combine a thin red or pink belt with a black or dark blue dress.
  • Wear a bright orange or yellow scarf or shoes with khaki or olive-colored clothing.
  • Freshen up your white blouse by adding a striking, multicolored necklace or hanging earrings.

3. Make sure you do not go too far with combining.

It can be tempting to return the blue polka dots in your blue earrings and shoes. But if you go this far with combining, it may seem a bit old-fashioned or childish. Do something unexpected so that you show with your accessories that you are creative, then your outfit becomes a lot more interesting.

  • Use the color wheel to create interesting color combinations that accentuate each other nicely. For example, if you wear a purple T-shirt, add something mustard yellow or lime-colored, instead of looking for exactly the same shade of purple. Because yellow versus purple is on the color wheel, your outfit becomes a feast for the eye.
  • Wear colors with black and white. If you wear a black and white floral blouse, you can wear a bright blue necklace and cute blue earrings.
  • Although you should not exaggerate with combining, it can also be fun if you do it on purpose. Red pants with a T-shirt with red sunglasses and a red scarf can look very vintage and chic. Your monochrome outfit will certainly attract attention.

4. Wear items that bring out a color from your outfit.

If you wear an outfit with multiple colors, you can make it more interesting with accessories if you pick up one of the less striking colors. For example, if you wear a black dress with a small flower pattern, you can put bracelets in the color green of the petals on your dress. By letting a color come back, your whole outfit will look vibrant and elegant.

  • You can also use accessories to reconcile two garments that do not really fit together. Choose an accessory in a color that comes back in both garments, such as a scarf that shows the pink of your blouse and the beige of your pants. Now your outfit looks like every piece has been chosen with care, and not as if you just put on something.

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5. Balance the dimensions of the accessories. 

If you wear large, hanging earrings, do not combine them with other large accessories. You look more balanced when you add a smaller chain (or no chain at all), so that your face is not drowned out by too many large pieces of jewelry. Keep an eye on the size of the different accessories if you decide what you are wearing together.

  • Accessories can also be used to balance details in your clothing. If you wear a blouse with a nice embroidery on the collar, you should not put a large scarf over it. Then choose a thin chain that accentuates the detail on your collar, and does not hide it.
  • Let one piece be the star of your outfit. If you feel like wearing your new hat, do not put on that big belt you bought at the same time.

6. Choose objects that reinforce your characteristics.

With accessories you can bring out the best in your face and body. Well-chosen accessories will make your eyes look bigger, your neck thinner, or your calves better shaped. For example:

  • Wear large round earrings to emphasize your high cheekbones.
  • Wear shoes with a heel to make your legs longer.
  • Wear a scarf that matches the color of your eyes so that they become more radiant.
  • Wear a narrow chain to emphasize your collarbones.

7. Use eye-catching makeup as an accessory.

If you wear beautiful bright red lipstick, or have your eyes equipped with beautiful eyeliner so that you have cat eyes, you probably do not need so many accessories to finish it. Make sure that the colors you choose match the colors in your outfit, and that they bind the whole. Here are some other unexpected things that you can use as accessories:

  • Nail polish and nail art
  • Fake eyelashes
  • Tattoos
  • Glasses or colored contact lenses
  • Hair extensions

-Select accessories


1. Customize your accessories according to your style.

The choice of accessories is endless, and it can be difficult to limit these choices. If you’re just starting out from your accessory collection, first choose a few things that fit the style you like right now. Once you are used to wearing accessories, you can broaden your horizon, and experiment with some more striking pieces that you would not normally easily choose. Here are some basic pieces that you can put on your wish list:

  • Earrings: silver or gold rings, plugs with a stone, and a pair of hanging earrings.
  • Necklaces: a tasteful silver or gold chain, a pearl necklace and a striking chain.
  • Scarves: a neutral scarf that fits everywhere, and a pair of striking scarves to express your personality.
  • Belts: a classic leather belt, a wide striking belt, and an elegant thin belt.
  • Hair accessories: different barrettes, one or two hair bands, and if you like hats a sun hat and a beret.

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2. Get inspiration in magazines and blogs.

If you have to choose which accessories you will buy, look in fashion magazines and blogs to get ideas. Get inspired by looking at people who have the same taste, or who wear garments that resemble what you have in your closet.

  • Pay attention to how the accessories are worn. Which colors and textures are combined?
  • Most magazines and blogs provide information about where the accessories are for sale, so that you can also buy them yourself.

3. Find second-hand accessories at second-hand stores and outlet stores.

Accessories are so much fun because you can follow the latest trends without getting broke. If you see an accessory that you like, chances are that there is something to be found within your budget. Instead of saving for something that is probably out of fashion again next season, you’d better search for cheaper versions of the accessories you like.

4. Invest in classics.

A number of classic accessories are worth spending more money. If you are sure that you will wear something often, you better pay more for it so that it is of good quality. A pair of earrings with diamonds for example you will probably be able to wear very often, so it may be worth buying real. If you have to decide whether a certain accessory is worth

-spending a lot on, you can ask yourself the following questions:

  • Will it stay in fashion forever, or will I not be able to handle it next year?
  • Does it fit with the majority of my wardrobe, or will I not know what to do next?
    Is it made of high quality materials (such as silver or gold), or is it only so expensive because it is of a certain brand?

5.Choose accessories that match your skin tone.

Your accessories look best when they take your natural skin tone up, whether you have a warm or cool skin tone. If you have a warm skin tone, earth tones and gold are the best for you. With a cooler skin tone you better wear cooler colors and choose silver.

  • To find out if you have a warm or cool skin tone, you can put a silver bracelet around your arm, and a golden one around your other, or gold and silver jewelry. Which metal flatters your skin the most, and makes your eyes shine? If you have a warm skin tone, it will be gold. If you have a cool shade, it becomes silver.
  • Whatever skin tone you have, with accessories you can play with colors that you would not normally wear. If you can never touch salmon pink on your face, because you are pale, you can wear salmon pink shoes or a salmon pink belt. This way you can also enjoy colors that do not match your skin tone.

6. Consider not to wear obvious accessories.

You can see everything you have with you as an accessory. You can also use an umbrella or umbrella as an accessory. Just like a tattooed arm, a feather boa, pins, veils and keys hanging on your belt, or a candy chain. Be creative!


-Try different styles


1.Use accessories to create a nice outfit that you can also wear to work.

If you work in the office, you may be looking for ways to express your personality, while you still look professional. With accessories you can show in a tasteful way what style you like. Wear the following accessories with a neutral office outfit:

  • Big earrings. As long as they do not hang too low, most earrings are fine at work. If you have an important appointment, you can opt for classic silver, gold or diamonds, but on a weekday you can confess some color.
  • A chic pair of glasses. A black or brown wayfarer glasses with a thick frame is very smart and stylish at the office.
  • Colorful ballerinas or low heels.

2. Give your normal clothes a special touch.

With the right accessories you can look like a rock star in an ordinary sweater and trousers. The contrast between the two styles can make it very interesting and funny. To make a normal sweater or blouse special, you can wear the following accessories:

  • Different metal jewelry. Try a lot of gold and silver bangles.
  • Jewelry with points. By wearing jewelry with large metal points or buttons, you show the world that you can not play around with you.
  • Striking eye makeup. Take out that black eyeliner and make the smokey eyes that match your gothic jewelry.
  • Motorcycle boots. They are good with pants or a dress.

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3.Create a “bohemian-beach look”.

You may not live near the beach, but that does not mean you can not look as if you just spent the whole afternoon at the beach. Try the following accessories to evoke the atmosphere of freedom and a sea breeze:

  • Colorful bead necklaces and earrings.
  • A thin, light scarf that you can use to stop the wind or sun.
  • The perfect sunglasses.
  • Rings with precious stones on it.

4. Dress for a stylish event.

If you go to a prize-giving ceremony, wedding or other occasion that you want to look your best at, then keep your accessories elegant and sober. These accessories fit well with a neat dress or cocktail dress:

  • A pearl necklace, or a necklace with diamonds or other precious gems.
  • Small hanging earrings or plugs that fit your chain.
  • A narrow bracelet with links.

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