5 Simple Rules to follow To Improve Your Style


In what kind of clothing does the woman prefer to see the man? Which clothing makes the man wildly attractive? And which trends can you better omit? We conducted research among more than 30 women in the age group 25-35. Read here how they think about men’s clothing.

# 1 Pay attention to quality and fit

The most important thing for the woman is that the man’s clothing is of good quality. The woman falls for beautiful fabrics and luxurious materials. So choose natural materials such as cotton, wool, linen, silk and cashmere instead of synthetic fabrics like polyester. Good basics are also mentioned several times.

“H & M and Zara were fun during his student days.”

Forget the cheap fashion chains. Choose at high quality for basics. Furthermore, the woman thinks it is important that the clothes look good.

“All clothing that is broken or washed can be straight to the Salvation Army.”

The clothing must also suit the occasion. In the weekend, a pair of jeans with a relaxed sweater is great, but at a dinner party you prefer a nice shirt and jacket.

Furthermore, the right fit or fit is important. Clothing may not be too wide, but certainly not too tight. So never pull on too tight jeans, too wide shirts or shirts with too long sleeves. Dress your figure and avoid tight pants or shapeless jumpers at all times.

          “Too tight clothes really can not, but if you have nice shoulders you can emphasize that.”

# 2 The perfect outfit according to the woman

Most women are already very happy with a man in ‘good jeans with a nice shirt or sweater’. Apparently the women are not as demanding when it comes to men’s clothing. A number of women succumb to a smart casual look, consisting of jeans with a nice jacket and shirt. We obviously agree with that. Bonus points for a funky twist like fierce prints or a crazy belt.

# 3 The jeans as the most important item

The most important style tip for the man? With dot on 1: buy a good pair of jeans. The jeans may be slim fit or nonchalant and must fit with your physique. A pair of pants may therefore be quite baggy, but never hang under your ass. And stop with the continuous pulling up of the pants, it hangs right there on your hips.
This tip seems easy, but finding such perfect jeans can be a true quest. Remember this: the jeans are connected over the entire length of your leg. Not stuck, but connected. Do you have nice football legs and calves? Chances are you need a pair of pants with slightly wider legs because otherwise it is too tight. Do you have normal or slender legs? Then especially opt for a slimmer model. It is virtually impossible to find the perfect jeans as a ‘fashion layman’ (because you can not read the fit), so always ask for advice. Need advice for these perfect jeans? Ask our Outfitters directly for advice.

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# 4 Clothes that you certainly should not wear

“Black, fake leather shoes with straight nose are the worst enemy.”

So make sure you have good shoes that are well polished. Furthermore, a point of irritation is too big, especially if it concerns men who, given their salary, should definitely be able to buy a decent suit. Also drop the t-shirts with ‘fun-texts’ and heavy prints. Furthermore, decayed underpants and t-shirts with a worn-out collar are out of the question. Time to clean up your underwear drawer.

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# 5 Trends that you do not need to participate in according to the woman


Men’s clothing trends are not important to the woman.

                                                                   “Rather cool than hipster.”

Leave it alone; it is mentioned a few times. According to the woman, you can not participate in these trends either:

-Jackets with fur collar

-The waistcoat
Too long T-shirts (‘Ali B dresses’)
V-neck too deep (‘up to your navel’)
High water trousers

The conclusion: keep it stupid simple. Go for beautiful basics of high quality and make sure you always look well-groomed. Easy does it!


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